Our Response - Page 11


Given our recommendations, we submit that the Pennsylvania’s recovery objective for a stable, secure population has been met.

Legal delisting requires that several conditions be met for at least 3 consecutive years;

  • (1) 22 or half the highest historic number of nests are occupied calculated as the number of cliff-nesting pairs plus 25% of the pairs on man-made structures; (Currently at 32 occupied nests. It is arbitrary and capricious to change counting methods)
  • (2) at least half of the pairs fledge young, and (Currently 69% fledged)
  • (3) 1.5 or more fledglings are produced per occupied nest. (Total currently 1.94 produced with 2.0 or greater for fledglings on man-made structures, Table 3)

This response is faithfully submitted by the,
Peregrine Club of Philadelphia.



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