Bylaws - ARTICLE V





Section 1. Purposes Provided.
No distribution of any assets or benefits, directly or indirectly, shall be made by the Club to any organization [or associations of persons] that is not qualified by the affirmative vote of the Board of Directors, upon a reasonable belief of the Club and in accordance with our Mission Statement.

Section 2. Subversive Organizations.
No distributions shall be made by the club to any organization reasonably believed by the Board of Directors to be sympathetic toward the principles of over- reaching and subversive legal and regulatory practices that are not in the best interests of falconry.

Section 3. Sub Accounts.
(a) Upon request to the Club by a donor whose gift is valued at not less than such minimum amount as may have been prescribed by the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors shall see that such donation is carried on the Club's books and administered as a separate or sub account bearing such name as may be directed by the donor. Any such sub account shall be free of any involuntary alienation resulting from the actions or torts of anyone representing another sub account or the Club.

(b) In relation to such separate or sub account, the donor may set up such organization as desired to determine the recommendation of application of funds to specific objectives or projects. The Board of Directors shall receive any such recommendation as to the use of funds in any sub account and take such recommendation under advisement. Wherever possible without in any way jeopardizing the continued satisfactory operation of the Club and consistent with the purposes of the Club, the Board of Directors shall act affirmatively upon such recommendation communicated in writing to it; provided, however, that the Board of Directors shall not be under any legal obligation to follow any such recommendation nor to act in any way other than in its own absolute discretion in the performance of the purposes set forth in the Mission Statement of the Club.

(c) The Board of Directors shall be and hereby is authorized, to establish such administrative procedures and charges to be applied to sub accounts as it deems desirable and expedient.


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